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School Bus Construction The School Buses Construction is based on AIS-063. But this rule is not implemented now. In AIS-052 they clearly mentioned that "School Buses are belongs to Type-4 Category and it can be constructed to meet specifications of mix of or any of Type I / Type II / Type III requirements such as door, window, gangway, seats, exits, etc., This shall be declared by the bus manufacturer or bus builder for type approval". Based on this rule now we constructing the school buses. Implementing Various Designs in Front & Rear Grill for our Buses. Now we are Designing new Front Grill , Rear Grill & Core Models for our buses and also we are going to get type approval for all our various designs of Front & Rear Grills from Test Agency
Karur Bus Body Builders We are doing Bus Body Constructions as per the AIS-052 Code. More info: 9843035361
Bus Body Research and Development | Development of Future Buses | Future Buses | Innovation in Bus Body Design | New Concepts in Bus Body Design And Constructions Before a new product is developed, a research and development department conducts a thorough study to support the project. The research phase includes determining product specifications, production costs and a production time line. The research also is likely to include an evaluation of the need for the product before the design begins to ensure it is a functional product that customers want to use.
BATTERY BUSES : BATTERY BUS MANUFACTURERS : ELECTRIC BUSES : ELECTRIC BUS MANUFACTURERS We stepped in to a Next Level... Now we started the work for "Construction of Battery Operated Buses" for pollution free environment.